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Monthly Archives: October 2010


—This is a post written between July 31, 2010 and August 1, 2010 and is not what is currently going on.   I’m only posting it now because I didn’t have internet access for the past month.  I will post these every once in  awhile until my posts are current.– I woke up at 6am today. […]


I am very sad to say that I missed two weddings back home this month.   First, My good friend Greg married Liz.   Greg and I went to high school together and stayed friends afterwards.   There are few people in life who one can say really gets you.   Greg has always been one of those people […]

My Brother was on NPR!

Cool, huh?  I am very proud of him!   He was interviewed for his book published a few years back on Social Movements around Christopher Columbus.   Here’s a link to the book on Amazon and you can view the interview transcript or listen to the audio on NPR.


Today’s post is about the porcelain altar.   Bathrooms in Cape Verde are different than back home.   The layout is the same with a sink, toilet and tub.   I am lucky that my host family has a shower;  only three other trainees share this luxury.   Most trainees take showers using a bucket of clean water and […]

Greetings in CV

Everyone stares at me here.  I’m pretty oblivious to attention normally, but a group of people talking will stop and turn their heads to look at me as I walk by.   I say Bon Dia and keep walking and they usually respond in kind.   Nearly everyone is friendly, but it is still an odd feeling.   […]