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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Learning Krioulu

I have already touched on Community Based Learning in a previous post, but I want to talk more about learning Krioulu.   Note:  The first part of this post was written while I was in my homestay.  Part 2 was written today. Work as a trainee never ends.   Learning a language, a new culture and our […]

Nha primero ves ki odja matta cabra

Nha primero ves ki odja matta cabra. (my first time seeing a goat killed) !!!WARNING!!!  This post, the pictures and the video contain a very graphic account of a goat being slaughtered. This is the time of year when people would slaughter, back when people did that — Rollie and Eunice Hochstetter, I think, were […]

Bathrooms Video!

The video to go with my bathrooms post a few weeks back is finally uploaded.  Hooray! This is a video of my bathroom at my homestay.  The bathroom at my site is more basic than this.  I will post some pictures of my site later on. Click here to check it out.