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Raising rabbits and my house again

I know I already posted this once, but I made a new video of my house to show off my improved house now with rabbits!!!

My association and I are hoping to encourage people in Picos Riba to start raising rabbits.      When residents here raise animals they require an investment of the food and labor to house, feed and raise them and the purchase price (if they are purchased rather than bred).   Back home I might invest my money in a company via the stock market, hoping to get a positive return on my investment, my neighbors here are more likely too invest their money in a new cow, chickens, a pig or two or, hopefully, rabbits.  Just like diversification is the golden rule to investing in the stock market, the same holds true with agriculture.   Disease, accident, a drop in demand/sale price all can ruin an agricultural investment.   In response, my neighbors, like farmers all around the world, diversify.  They raise multiple different types of crops and animals.   Many people already raise pigs, goats, cattle and chickens.   Far less people raise sheep, pigeons and rabbits.  We are hoping to encourage pico ribans to start raising rabbits as a means to further diversify their investment.

I started by downloading as many materials about raising rabbits as possible.  Here’s a .zip file of materials if you are interested in raising rabbits yourself.   I read for a few weeks and then drew up plans for the rabbit’s house.  My neighbor offered an old set of metal shelves that he was no longer using.  We came up with a neat design using a combination of wire mesh and the shelf on its side to make rabbit cages.   The entire set-up is elevated to make the cage relatively self-cleaning.

I made a video tour, but I doubt I will ever get it uploaded.   9 hours to upload a 100mb video…what is that about?   Anyways, the photos below will have to serve as a consolation.

Hammering the wire to the base before adding the legs or the shelving. The wire seen here is the floor for the rabbits and needs to be as tight as possible.


I had a crowd of spectators and assistants throughout the day. Their idea to use flattened bottle caps as washers to hold the wire tight worked very well.


Zuka and I created walls on the top and sides by attaching the wiring to the metal shelving


The finished product. The shelving is laid on top of the wood structure with the wire spread across the top. Wiring is spread across the top and sides and attached to the metal shelving. The weight of the metal shelving isn't tied at all to the wood structure and can be easily removed for cleaning. My neighbors and I made this up as we went along (after getting some ideas from a few guides to raising rabbits). I think it turned out pretty well.


My rabbits in their happy home. The two on the left are not quite breeding age. The ones on the right are ready to breed.


  1. action jackson wrote:

    Nice post — we all like to see/hear about your PC productivity.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 10:29 pm | Permalink
  2. Mom wrote:

    Rascelly Wabbits. Freedom foiled again! Hope to see M. Ryann’s Rabbit Regency Retreat soon!

    Friday, November 4, 2011 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

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