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—This is a post written on July 16, 2010 and is not what is currently going on.   I’m only posting it now because I didn’t have internet access for the past month.  I will post one or two of these a day as I finish them until my posts are current.–

Saying goodbye to Indiana for two years was difficult.   Packing for two years was stressful.   Saying goodbye to friends, family and the state I have called home for more than half of my life was sad.    It seemed like I was saying goodbye for a month prior to leaving.   I swear some friends I said goodbye to 3 or 4 different times.   My whole life was filled with the preparation for my departure:  more time with friends because soon I would be leaving, shopping for items on my packing list, choosing restaurants with food I won’t have in Cabo Verde, squeezing in work when possible to save money for vacation travel, and so on.

The day of my departure came and as I checked my bags and walked through security, I managed to leave my laptop in the airport in indianapolis at the security checkpoint.  When I was about to board the plane I hear my name paged over the intercom.  I run over to the security and take my laptop.  I made it back to the plane just in time.   The guard had opened it and after finding my tax return, found my name and had me paged.   It would have been absolutely tragic had I left my laptop.    It has been such a wonderful tool thus far.   I wish I knew the TSA rep’s name so I could thank him personally.

In Boston, all of the trainees are either really nervous, really excited or both.   The tension was palatable.   The first night a group of 6 of us went out and had pizza.    The next morning my roommate and I went to get a giant cheeseburger at a famous burger joint near Harvard in Cambridge.

We stayed at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge near the Harvard Campus.  I didn’t really get a chance to check out the campus, but the area seemed nice with many restaurants and bars to choose from.

Our flight from Boston to Cape Verde was a direct flight on Cabo Verde Airlines (the Cape Verdean National Airline).  The 6 hour flight wasn’t the worst flight I have ever been on, but it wasn’t exactly the best either.   I managed to sleep through nearly all of it.   We arrived on Saturday morning.   Our passports were checked and then we were shuttled into the Peace Corps transports.   No one lost any baggage and after meeting the PC CV Country Director we were shuffled through the airport rather quickly.   Our bags were taken in a large flat bed truck with tall sides and we were told to be sure to watch our bags as they are placed on the truck and as they are taken off.

The view of Praia from my room at the boarding house.

The City of Praia on the island of Santiago in Cabo Verde from my window at our boarding house.

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  1. mom wrote:

    Only 6 hours? we could have left from Boston when we visited there and arrived in only 6 hours! Tell us more about the flight itself.

    Thought Pria was more like Mexican cities we have been to

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

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